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Issues, Problems & Solutions for Ward F

Words from Mr. Burgess:

“In the 60ies there was the Civil Rights Movement. It was “We The People”, the “Villages” who made real change and achieved results in America. Today it will take “We The People” with Courage that care about Ward F to do it again.   Enough is Enough !”



· Military Recruitment — placing a military recruitment office on MLK Dr, JC in Ward F. Give our youth great opportunities. 

· VETERANS PROGRAMS — develop and provide affordable housing and benefits.

· EMPLOYEMENT PROGRAM Creating jobs for young adults and all Ward F residents while cooperating with business owners establishing white and blue collar employment opportunities in JC and NYC area to help the Village of Ward F. 

· Anti Bullying & Gang Awareness —  Intervention and Prevention Character Building Bootcamp Youth Program in Ward F. 

· THE SUPER-SENIORS & VETERANS LEADERSHIP PROGRAM - History & Wisdom Power. The Program that lets our Seniors  and Veterans teach our youth. Young adults will learn true Values, History and Self-worth.

· SAFETY, HEALTH & FITNESS — Fitness, Health and Self-Defense programs for all in Ward F.

· PROGRAMS FOR KIDS — After school, Homework and Food programs.

· YOUTH PROGRAMS— Activities for young adults to strengthen Mind, Body, and Soul power making them safer, happier and healthier in Ward F.

· SENIOR PROGRAMS— Activities for seniors and adults to stay fit fighting obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and more to strengthen our seniors health. 

· ECONOMIC JUSTICE/HOMEOWNER PROTECTION PROGRAM—Helping our homeowners save and keep their homes. Protecting affordable living and fighting for a fair and balanced property tax.

· KEEPING WARD F CLEAN PROGRAM— We the people need to keep our streets clean. Family and Weekend programs will create stronger family bonds, teach residents to take pride in their village of Ward F.

· SAFER STREETS IN WARD F— Supporting the Police Force that is focusing on keeping Ward F streets safe by targeting crime.

· TERRORISM AWARENESS — learn to detect the element of surprise.

· WARD F INFORMATION— a special “We The People” - Ward F Information Office. 

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